Monday, October 17, 2005

The Whole Voting and Candidate Process

The other day, I came to a conclusion with myself. I shared this observation with a coworker.

I told him that I wish there were actually people that I could vote for. I tend to vote Democratic most of the time. I have just been really disgusted by the people to vote for on both sides. (I am speaking more for the national races here). George W Bush has done nothing to endear himself to me. I very much dislike the way he does things. But that is for another post some other time.
I did not even care much for John Kerry. He was not the right person for the job. I do not want someone who has been gunning for the presidency since birth, ala Al Gore.
Politics are just so disgusting on a national level. They are even dirty on a state level. But, why is it that when I look at things going on in the government, I just get depressed? I should not be getting that way. I should be inspired.
I am just tired of voting against someone. I want desperately to vote FOR someone. Anyone.
Well, anyone within reason of course. I will not vote for Mickey Mouse. Ever.
I just want to vote for someone who should be in a leadership position. I am tired of voting for someone just because my union tells me to.
By the way, I do not follow their suggestions all the time. I am not cattle. Just had to clear the air on that one.
Please, will the real people please stand up so that we can vote for you?

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