Thursday, December 08, 2005

Comic Book That You Should Be Reading Pt 2

In my previous post on comic books that you should be reading I described a book called Ex Machina. Brilliant book.
This time I would like to talk to you about the book Y: The Last Man
Interestingly enough this one is written by the same person who writes Ex Machina. Brian K Vaughan. Excellent writer.
The premise behind "Y" is that at one point something happens to every male on the planet. They all die. Humans, animals, etc. They all die at the same moment in practically the same way. The only males left are the main character Yorick Brown and his pet male monkey named Ampersand. You do not know what happened to the males or why Yorick was saved.
the book follows his exploits when he is on the run and the race to find out why he was spared and how to repopulate the planet.
And despite what you may be thinking, no he does not get to sleep with every female in sight. It's not the ultimate male fantasy here.
Some females even want to kill him because he represents what they hated most about the planet before the plague hit. Mainly patriarchal dominance.
If you are interested in this book, and take it from me you should be, then you can buy it in trade paperback format. This format is basically when you take about 5-6 issues worth of material and put it into a single book. No ads and usually a complete arc. Great way to read this title.
It's how I even read this title. There are currently 6 trades out there of Y. Get the first one today.
I am out.