Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feedback for Augiedb on his latest Pipeline article

I have been thinking about what you wrote in you Pipeline about dropping the monthlies in favor of the trades.

Since 140 characters is not a long enough space to respond properly on Twitter, I decided to do it this way.

In essence, I can agree with a lot of what you are saying. There are many titles if you simply do not buy that week you will likely not buy the following week. It is because of this behavior my current pull list is comprised of titles I actually want to read.

I tend to follow certain writers. I will instinctively pick up anything written by Warren Ellis. I can't help that. I am in his thrall. I also like the work Geoff Johns does with his books. I never thought I would be reading a Green Lantern book. However, Sinestro Corps War caught me. I now am in great anticipation of Blackest Night.

There are some titles I used to get as a monthly. DMZ, The Boys, Y the Last Man, Ex Machina to name a few. I have all those titles now as trades. They look fabulous on my bookshelf. They are also the kinds of titles I can point people to if they are new to comics. Makes it easy to give them a full story arc and not worry too terribly much about the condition of the book.

As for the difference between ordering trades from my LCS or ordering them from Amazon? It is a no-brainer, my LCS cannot compete with Amazon on price. So, when it comes to choosing between getting a trade from my LCS or Amazon, it comes down to a simple decision. When do I want it? If I feel I can wait a few weeks for it, then I will order from my LCS. If I want it in a few days, then Amazon is my choice.

Even at that, I still order trades from my LCS due to the fact the person who owns and runs it and the people that work there are phenomenal. They have earned my loyalty time and time again. They know who everyone is, the store is in great condition. Not dirty, well lit, personable staff.

So, as I have said, choosing between monthlies and trades comes down to writers and the stories that are being told. I tend to like superhero stuff monthly and creator original stuff in trades (except Warren Ellis because you never know when the issues will end). And the choice between ordering trades from my LCS or Amazon comes down to when I want it.

I hope you understand my thoughts behind my response. Keep up the good work. And I am still waiting for an area on your photo-blog where I can see the original picture vs the photo shopped one you post. Being a person who knows next to nothing about photography, it would be nice to see the difference.