Sunday, October 23, 2005

Comic Book That You Should Be Reading

So, I was sitting here thinking about what I should write about. Then it occured to me. I should try and push the comic book to more of an audience.
I thought of a brilliant one. It is not even really a super hero book. Although the main character at one time was a super hero. But now, he's the mayor of New York. You know, you grow.
The title is Ex Machina. It is written by Brian K Vaughn. It is drawn by Tony Harris. It is published by Wildstorm Signature, which is an imprint of DC Comics.
This is a must read for anyone who likes smart dialogue and witty conversations.
I believe that there are two trades out now for this series. Trades are what are referred to as a collection of individual issues. Such as, the first trade collects the first like 5 issues of the series.
This series is flaming hot. It has people talking. It is getting noticed by major news publications.

In the first issue we are introduced to Mitchell Hundred. We see some flashbacks to his childhood, the accident that gave him some extra normal powers, his deciding to run for mayor and a final page of issue 1 that had many people crying and speechless. Trust me, if you cannot read the first issue of Ex Machina and not be moved, then you are a different breed of person.

The series is on issue 15 now, so it is not that far along. It is easy to catch back up with. Or if you find yourself interested and you do not want to visit your local comic book shop then you can just order the trades form Amazon or wherever when they become available.

Check it out. I would not lie to you.

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