Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My D&D Campaign

So, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to write for the new entry into my blog when it dawns upon me: my role playing campaign that I run.
It is pretty much my first time running adventures. Up until now I have always been a player.
So, the campaign is in a fantasy setting. It is what I know best.
The basic gist behind the campaign is the idea that at some point, the Greek gods of our history decide to up and leave this plane of existence and seek out a new land to rule. The Greeks have started to move on past them and they need new fresh followers.
They find this new world and fight the gods currently there. These gods would be the gods of the D&D world. The Greek gods win, because they are better, simply put.
During the god war the land is ravaged, torn asunder, etc. The world population has to start over, and since there are VERY FEW people left in this world now, the Greek gods have carte blanche with the rules and such.
So, the world grows and there are formed nations based upon the names of Greek city-states. Athens, Sparta, Mycanea, etc.
Furthermore, into this world is born an elven urban ranger, an elven wizard, and a human Acolyte of Hades.
They have had about 3 adventures so far. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
I have to be careful what I write so as not to give away any information to the players.

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