Monday, June 13, 2005

Batman Begins

OK. I am almost counting down the minutes until the Batman movie. I have been waiting YEARS for a good Batman movie. It appears that it has finally arrived.
It seems that out of like every 10 reviews that come out for the movie, about 8 of them are positive to very positive.
Chris Nolan and David Goyer have evidently nailed it this time. Christian Bale looks and sounds like Batman/ Bruce Wayne. Add in Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Ken Watanabe, etc and you have the makings of a phenomenal cast.
I know that the movie comes out on Wednesday. I will, however, be waiting till Friday to see it. I would still rather go and see the movie with some friends. That way, afterwards, me and some of my buds can argue about how Bats is a better superhero that Superman.

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