Monday, April 30, 2007

NFL Draft Aftermath

Well, the NFL draft has come and gone for 2007. Am I supposed to feel a sense of longing or loss or grieving now that it has passed? I feel like I should based on the way that it is hyped by ESPN.

Well, now I am going to try and figure out how the New England Patriots fared. They ended up only having one pick on the first day, which is the first three rounds. Going in to the draft, they had 2 first round picks. They traded picks to trade down which is something that they perennially do.

However, the biggest thing that the Patriots did, had nothing to do with drafting at all. They acquired the talented but troublesome wide receiver from the Oakland Raiders, Randy Moss.

I do not yet know what to think of this deal. It could either be huge or a bust. I do not see any middle ground. I n my opinion, if Randy Moss is going to succeed anywhere, it will be with New England. They coaching staff does not deal with hyper-personalities. If you act out, you are gone. Simple as that. They have had success stories. You need look no further than Cory Dillon to see that it can work.

I hope that it does work out. I believe that if it does, then he can help them win a Super Bowl. That would be fabulous.

I do not want his time in New England to be emblematic of the old Randy Moss joke.

"What is the difference between Randy Moss and a dollar bill?"
"You can get four quarters out of a dollar."

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