Thursday, June 14, 2007

The NBA Championship

Well, I just finished watching the San Antonio Spurs absolutely demolish the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4. The Cavs had no business being in the same building as the Spurs.

So, the Spurs have now won 4 titles in the past decade. Well congrats to them. But, let me speak for 98% of the country.

"Who gives a rats ass?"

The Spurs are depressingly boring to watch. I think I'd rather watch dogs commit suicide. Or, I'd rather watch another Hulk movie. Or another Schumacher directed Batman movie.

They play good defense. They are a team. Everything that the NBS is NOT supposed to be. If, I'm watching pros play the game, shouldn't they at least score more than college teams?

David Stern will never ever admit to this, but defense is bad for the NBA. There need to be more teams like the Phoenix Suns. Tim Duncan is as photogenic and charismatic as a bowl of soup.

Well, at least the NFL season is fast approaching. Ugh.
Oh, look Joel Schumacher is knocking at my door with his Batman movies. Time to throw a pizza party. Because, you know, the Batmobile can drive up the sides of buildings.

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