Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Transformers: The (New) Movie

Movie trailer Chuck is back with another installment. Transformers. The live action film being made by Michael Bay.

Well, I grew up on the Transformers as a kid. They were the toys that I played with the most.

Now, comes this new iteration of the figures from my childhood. A Michael Bay production.

I have already come to the acceptance that this movie will have no resemblance to what I remember from my childhood. That is probably for the better.

This way I can go out and enjoy this movie. This flick will be the ultimate summer popcorn chewing experience. I am going to go watch this movie and marvel at the shiny, explody, expensive train wreck.

I expect nothing from this movie except to say, "Heh heh, look at the cars go boom."

Oh well. At least Batman comes out next year.

Enjoy the trailer.

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