Monday, May 21, 2007

Does the Joker Believe In Harvey Dent Too?

The new Batman movie is still over a year away, but that does not mean that the promotional side of things is not already moving. Take the button I have on the right side of this page. The one that says I believe in Harvey Dent. It links to what is believed to be the eventual official Harvey Dent for DA campaign.
Well, not to be outdone, but it appears that the Joker has come about and started his own website, I Believe in Harvey Dent Too.
Take a look for yourself. If you wait long enough you will get to see a picture of the face of the new Joker played by Heath Ledger.
All I can say is that it looks creepy.

UPDATE: If you check out the Joker's website of Harvey Dent, it appears that the page is no longer working. But that all changes when you go to highlight the page. Go ahead. Check it out.

The escalation draws nearer. Bring it on.

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