Sunday, August 14, 2005

Final Entry about Anachronism at ConGlomeration

I realise that this will make about 3 posts in a row that are dealing with the same topic, but this should be the last one.
We had the tournament over the weekend. We ended up with about 6 players. We wouldve liked to have had more, but two of the players did not even have cards. Thankfully, we (meaning me) had extra cards to lend to people.
My friend and co-tournament organizer, won the whole tournament. I placed second.
It was great fun. We ended up with a match that pitted three warriors in one arena for one fight to determine who won second place.
In round four, I was certain that I was not going to win. I had Attila the Hun and the last remaining player had Leonidas. With Leo at like 9 life and Attila at like 3 it looked grim.
Then I managed to score two critical hits with my sword and a hit with a basic attack in one round to win. It was pretty fun and exhilerating.
I am looking forward to having more tourneys at another local place. This time free of charge.


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