Friday, July 27, 2007

New Information Regarding Pat Tillman

To all the people who voted for King, err George Bush in 2004, I hope you are happy with how things are turning out. I hope you are happy that King George is LYING to the American public and the world every TIME HE OPENS HIS DAMN MOUTH.

His claim of Executive Privilege in the Pat Tillman murder case is astounding. Why would a president feel the need to make the murder of a Corporal in the Army Rangers top secret information? Why cover up his murder by his fellow Rangers?

Murder, you say? When did this become a murder? It just now has.

A new article from the AP is making this claim based on doctors evidence from the ones who did the autopsy.

It appears that Pat Tillman was gunned down in cold blood, execution style. 3 bullet holes to the forehead. Executed. By AMERICAN soldiers.

I cannot begin to describe the horror and anger I feel right now.

The fact that American soldiers can turn on each other and execute a fellow member is mind boggling.

the fact that this king can claim it to be a matter of national security by claiming executive privilege pisses me off. King george is an utter waste of human material. And his Sith master, Darth DICK Cheney, is the ringleader of this whole shitfest.

The way that they constantly and arrogantly take a shit on the US Constitution and LIE about it is beyond belief. Then they claim that anyone who accuses them of destroying the Constitution is somehow not a patriot and is helping the enemy.

I hate everything that Darth Cheney and king george stand for. They are bad men. They should be thrown in prison. They should be arrested. They should be tortured just like they torture anyone who gets in their way. They should be disgraced.

I hate them all. I hope they die lonely and forgotten behind the baseboard of a soiled bathroom in a poor neighborhood. With their hands in Tony Blair's pants.

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