Friday, January 13, 2006

Is anyone surprised anymore?

I have been loosely listening to the news updates regarding the Alito hearings for his position on the Supreme Court.
I have absolutely not been surprised to listen to the reactions of everyone concerned.
The Democrats are feeling suspicious about him.
The Republicans are feeling good about him.
I can guarantee you one thing. If this were a Democratic president and Alito, or whoever, was his guy, then you can bet your ass that the roles would be reversed with these two parties.
Everytyhing always plays out the same. Republicans support everything that Bush does, while the Democrats chastise everything that Bush does.
At this point I do not care about either party.
There is too much senseless bickering going on in DC. Ooh, the White House was quick to try and say that the Democrats were going to far in their questioning of Alito when his wife walked out of the hearings crying.
Blah blah blah.
Just shut up and do your damn job. Don't worry about stupid crap.
Man, I hate politicians.

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